Updates & Amendments

Great effort has been made to refine, simplify, and validate the Residential Universal Design Building Code for use by local governments and the home building industry for all housing types and styles. The UD Project acknowledges that updates and amendments may be necessary as this code is used.

We do not intend to maintain multiple versions of this code. Rather, each version will be updated yearly, with the current version recommended for optimal universal accessibility. Existing design elements and information boxes may be updated without notice for clarity, but no new design elements will be included until the subsequent year's version.

Suggestions and feedback for updates and amendments may be given at any time via email to hello@universaldesign.org. Priority will be given to those received from our partners.

All suggestions and feedback will be reviewed by state-licensed and nationally registered occupational therapists, primarily focusing on human function and activity analysis of common home-based tasks.

Updates and amendments will be made solely by The UD Project.

2023 version published: December 30, 2022 2024 version published: February 14, 2024

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